Who we are

Yun Chuan was founded in 1983. Corporation has successfully grown to become a leading company in Taiwan for its Peanut Harvesting Machine, furthermore, we have got the many product patent and has over 90% market share. Yun Chuan has built its reputation on a commitment to manufacturing quality products and after-sale service.
All we will persist on it and make harvesting even better and easier.

In the future, Yun Chuan constantly analyzes market needs to develop and apply new products for our customers, as we said 「YCM GRATITIDE AND ADVANCED PROCESS」and looking forward to manufacture more efficiency and convenient harvesting machine in the worldwide.

Model Development

  • 1997…Model-43 Peanut Harvester.
  • 2000…Model-525 Peanut Harvester
  • 2007…Model-601 Peanut Harvester
  • 2011…NEW VESION for Model-601 Peanut Harvester
  • 2017… Model-601 redesign